CB2™ Dog-Ease Hemp Seed Oil 240ml


Our furry animal companions give us so much joy and love, give them the best life by helping to ease their pain and stress/anxiety, while improving their immune system and general health.
Cannanda’s Dog-Ease CB2™ is a LEGAL and SAFE alternative to CBD for animals.
By harnessing the power of terpenes in this precisely formulated blend, we can optimize the function of your dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) through the activation of its CB2 receptors.

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We start with Cannanda’s physician-formulated, multi-award-winning CB2™ terpene blend, and infuse it into pure Canadian-grown, certified-organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, to create a unique product for dogs. This human-grade product is used for all the same reasons dog owners use the CB2™ hemp seed oil, but with the added benefits of the exact essential fatty acids that your dog’s body uses as building blocks for their production of endocannabinoids as well as maintaining joint health. Contains no CBD or THC.