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What is my ECS and what are terpenes?

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Green Terpenes

Green Terpenes is the exclusive UK distributor for Cannanda™, Canada’s multi-award-winning developer and producer of terpene-based products.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are often considered the “active” components of essential oil. While plants will produce them to influence their external environments (e.g. attract pollinators, deter pests, etc.), many also have physiological benefits for humans.


A Natural Treatment for our Furry Friends

CB2™ Dog-Ease Hemp Seed Oil is made with certified-organic Canadian cold-pressed hemp seed oil, infused with CB2™ Wellness terpenes that bind to, and activate CB2 receptors which can lead to a multitude of health benefits.


Our Story

At Green Terpenes, we experienced first-hand how Cannanda™’s physician-formulated CB2™ made us feel great.

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Customer Reviews

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