CB2™ Salve (topical)


CB2™ Salve is a topical version of Cannanda’s multi-award-winning, physician formulated blend of terpenes to target the CB2 receptors in your body which can lead to a multitude of health benefits.


The single most requested product in 2018-2019 from the Cannanda community was a topical version of our CB2™ Wellness terpene blend, and so we present our luxurious CB2™ Salve.

Each 15 ml tin contains a full 2 mL of our multi-award-winning, physician-formulated CB2 terpene blend in a base of organic shea butter, with sweet peppermint essential oil that smells delicious!

While most use CB2™ Salve as an alternative to CBD, many also use it in conjunction with it, using it as a base to add their own CBD.

However, if you’re already CBD user, the benefits could be even greater! There is a perfect synergy between Cannanda’s CB2™ and your CBD products. Contains no CBD or THC.

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15ml, 60ml